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Guild News

New raid leader appointed.

Necrophiliac_Venom, Jan 1, 12 7:45 PM.
I spoke with Nymphetamine earlier today and he has agreed to help me with the raid leading. Most of you don't realize how much it takes to organize raids let alone be the only person capable/willing to do it. Lets just say, it's the fastest way I know of getting burnt out on this game. Therefore, I will repost his forum post that he made concerning raids:

This is a casual raid guild but the goal is to become powerful enough that while there might be raids going on. Your not required to attend. Currently with the numbers we are able to do hate/fear/hs/chardok/sky2*will beable to progress further once we all get to know eachothers play styles ect. Point of this post is to make our raid party the strongest it can be. right now raids are around 6 but i would like everyone to post there char and there times they will be free to raid for up to 5 hours. Also please post the gear  your need from Hate/FEAR. Our goal as of right now is to get everyone the needed gear from hate n fear so we can move onto sky.

Plane of Hate, how we love thee

Hallielp99, Dec 30, 11 1:12 PM.
Last night we forayed into Plane of Hate once again. We had a relatively small force but nevertheless we got shit done. Huge thanks go to Ibuprofin, Catherin and Joroz for essentially leading the raid by committee, without notice. You guys did an excellent job. Also thanks to Bluebonic for rezzing me in that one time <3.

Alas there are no screenshots because I am a lame-ass and forgot to take any, but I did keep track of the loots! And boy were there a bunch of them.

Congrats to the following people on their shiny new planar gear!

Unclefester - Rune Etched Bracer
Kubaton - Shrieking Ahlspiess, Woven Shadow Bracer
Tobius - Indicolite Breastplate
Melnak - Apothic Greaves, Cryosilk Pantaloons
Keldee - Apothic Boots
Joroz - Ashenbone Axe

Awarded to the rotmonster: 
Rune Etched Bracer (shaman)
Woven Shadow Breastplate (rogue)
Trueheart Shield x 2 (paladin)
Theologian Claymore (paladin)
Darkmetal Holy Water Sprinkler (paladin)
Valorium Greaves (paladin)
Thorny Vine Boots (ranger)
Indicolite Greaves (warrior)
Indicolite Bracer (warrior)
Indicolite Boots (warrior)
Ethereal Mist Greaves (cleric)
Apothic Warband (mage)
Apothic Gloves (mage)
Apothic Boots (mage)
Insidious Robe (enchanter)
Insidious Pantaloons x 2 (enchanter)


Necrophiliac_Venom, Dec 29, 11 8:48 AM.
Congratulations to Dondalek on becoming our first guild photographer and news editor. I am looking for someone to assist him with raid results and photo's of the drops on raids that he can't attend so please step forward if your interested.

Concerning Acyrid

Necrophiliac_Venom, Dec 22, 11 8:22 PM.
Hello Everyone. Just a few words concerning Acyrid...

I have broken my personal rule and spoken to her about the current feud. She has agreed to tell her officers to not harass Venom members anymore. In return we will leave alone what few members she has remaining. As far as the guild Acyrid is concerned as a whole... they dont exist. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying Venom members cant group with them. I just want to be made aware of any future recruitment attempts made by them.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Quick Update

Ibuprofin, Dec 20, 11 1:49 PM.
Merry Christmas Week, and a Quick Update.

I now have the Guild Bank now up and running, so if you have anything that you would like to donate to the Guild please give me a holler either on Ibuprofin or Nabian, whichever I may be on. This also goes for anything you need out of the bank, I have added a few spells and one item that has been donated recently, Please check it out.

Only restrictions I place on items in the Guild Bank at this time is:
  1. The items only go for Mains, not your alts.
  2. If a item is a upgrade, please donate the item you are replacing.

Edit: Please for those that have not done so, go to the roster and update your character profiles with level and class.
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